#1 Middle Vistula Valley Central Poland von hoploscaphit 20.05.2012 11:19

Hello all!
My name is Maciek, and I'm collecting Upper Creataceous fossils since 23 years. I want to present to you a small part of my CephalopIod collection (age: Campanian - Uppermost Maastrichtian) but I see that you have SPAM protection?
#2 Re: Middle Vistula Valley Central Poland von Hexanchus 20.05.2012 19:15

Hello Maciek, dzien dobre!
It's nice to see the first non-german member on this forum! I would like very much to see some of your fossils here. You need one + sign after your member-name to post photos here, so I gave you one. I hope, that solves your problem? With the uploading-programm which is integrated here, you can only upload a very small amount of pictures, so most of us here upload their pictures with photobucket (www.photobucket.com). When you have a photo there you only need to insert the direct link of the photo between the image signs, which you can insert from the bottom of this box.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
#3 Re: Middle Vistula Valley Central Poland von Klapperstein 20.05.2012 20:40

Hi Maciek,

our cretaceous forum goes international...thumbs up ;)
Nice to have you here!!
#4 Re: Middle Vistula Valley Central Poland von hoploscaphit 21.05.2012 15:48

Thanks Gents for warm welcome.

In the link below part of my cephalopod collection from Middle Vistula Valley. Hope that you will enjoy it.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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